Friday, December 1, 2006

Royal Arch Crumbles and British Intelligence with it.

Two little puzzles which those on the P2 British Intelligence Russian course, had to work out.
Firstly, the Royal Arch Freemasonry British 'snake-lines' or contraband routes (if you prefer) for the opium/drugs and armaments trade, primarily.
The tiles are from the 1920s and can be found at the Modern Imperial Hotel and Christchurch Heritage Centre, up the road from Jaffa Gate. Allenby celebrated his victory here and later on, had dinner with the French High Commissioner and T E Lawrence.
Secondly, the puzzle (if you can work it out) gives you the colour-coded mafia groups involved in the snake-lines. Clue: translate the Arabic to British and think laterally. It is a relatively modern puzzle. The red question mark gives you the 'Russian Tsaddikim' (an anagram of Fyodor Dostoyevky in the first group of letters) however they are not the top group by any means in this pyramid of power. 'Gandalf' rules i.e. the British Monarch.
Work it out.
However, the order has changed now and one out of the six turtle doves has flown the coup...